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Coronation Street Blog Interview with Rob Mallard who plays Daniel Osbourne

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in December 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

In early November I was invited to Media City to interview Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel Osbourne in Coronation Street. Rob Mallard is an impressive young man: highly articulate, thoughtful, witty and charming.

Is Daniel still in love with Sinead?

Yes, he is, though he finds it difficult to admit it to himself. Actually, it feels as if he is obsessed with Sinead as well as being love with her. It’s possible if they continue to renew my contract, that Daniel and Sinead could be the new and enduring Ken and Deirdre. Daniel is more highbrow than Sinead, just as was the case with Ken and Deirdre, but they stayed together even though there were a few hiccups along the way…

 Will Sinead leave Chesney eventually, even though she is about to marry him?

Daniel believes that he and Sinead will be together at some point, unless someone else intgervenes, and Sinead has just to realise this. Daniel is her destiny not Chesney. The rivalry between Chesney and Daniel never really went away but soon we will see that it starts to hot up and Daniel tells Chesney that he doesn’t deserve Sinead and that if Sinead really was happy with Chesney, then she wouldn’t have strayed in the first place. Daniel feels aggrieved too, because when Daniel saved Chesney’s life in the bistro, incredibly, Chesney did not offer him one word of thanks, which, no matter what had happened before between them, was the least he should have done. In comparison, in most of his dealings with Chesney, Daniel has been quite magnanimous, even bringing little Joseph round to speak to him in Portuguese.

Will Daniel and Chesney ever be civil towards each other?

Things go from bad to worse with Chesney and Daniel. There’s a scene where Chesney hits himself as hard as he can with a brick. a Daniel tells people that he didn’t hurt Chesney but that Chesney hurt himself to get Daniel into hot water and to gain sympathy from Sinead. Naturally Sinead is outraged by what Daniel, she believes, has done to her fiancé. You’ll have to see how Daniel manages to get the truth out there. Could be something to do with his having filmed Chesney creating his own injuries with a brick…

Will Daniel’s mother appear on our screens again? And will viewers learn what happened between them?

There’s good news for fans of Denise Osborne – perhaps.  It seems that Daniel’s mum will return, but no one is sure when. There does seem to be a real appetite to see how this relationship works. Daniel’s anger concerning his mother isn’t so much to do with the fact that she left him when he was 15, but more because of the lifestyle they led when she was there with him. I’m confident that the back story will come through, and there are even hints that his mum might have brought unsuitable men into their lives, and that she was more concerned about keeping the men, rather than being a proper mother to Daniel. Instead of supporting Daniel in his endeavours, Daniel had to take charge of his life aged 15, including his Oxford application.

How are relationships lately in the Barlow household?

 Peter is the one to whom Daniel is the closest. For Daniel, Peter has been a father, uncle, brother and friend. Though they are very different types, there is a strong affection between the two. Perhaps surprisingly, Adam and Daniel decide to bury their animosity and rub along together in both their best interests. Besides, it’s hard work keeping up an enmity and easier to just rub along. Of his father, Ken, Daniel perceives him as pious and distant and only really interested in the kudos of a son of his getting into Oxford. There is also the issue of Daniel having pushed his father downstairs – a culmination perhaps of the way in which Ken had barely any input into Daniel’s upbringing. That said, Daniel does feel guilty about what he did and is conciliatory in his attitude towards his dad. As for Tracy, I don’t think it makes sense to hold out any hope of a good relationship for those two, but, this is soap and there may be a turn of events where Daniel and Tracy are thrown together - you never know…

Will Daniel continue to pursue his career in journalism or will he stay in the bistro?

As to his career, Daniel thoroughly enjoys journalism and it is an effective way of him interacting with people. I understand that speculation is rife as to whether Daniel will have anything to do with Phelan’s downfall, but on that topic, I cannot say anything. Daniel might discover something which is connected to Andy.  I don’t know whether Daniel will push further with his career as a journalist.

How do the public react to you?

They tell me that I don’t seem as weird in real life as I do on the cobbles!

What do you, Rob, want for Christmas?

A hoover and a dressing gown, actually. My best present ever though was a keyboard when I was 13.

By Ruth Owen, Twitter @ruth1722

Tvor @tvordlj on Twitter

Coronation Street's biggest cliché revealed

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog December 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

There's been an awards ceremony with a difference over on Twitter for the last few days.

Run by fan account Weatherfield Police (who are definitely worth following for their unique take on Corrie police events), fans have been voting for their favourite Coronation Street cliche in the Weatherfield Police World Cup of Corrie Clichés.

It was tense.

The quarter finals were announced, then the semi finals and now the final has taken place. And fans  voted for their favourite in the Weatherfield Police World Cup of Corrie Clichés.  The champion was announced last night and it was... drum roll please ...

*******World Cup Final********

Skint but always boozing 

Thanks for voting!!
Happy Christmas!!
Let's get leathered & sod the expense

Some of the cliches up for voting but that sadly fell by the wayside included:  Wrongful incarceration, Hospital Scenes, Forgotten Chronic illness, Eileen's cavalcade of Men,  Unexplained Suntans, Airport Run, Comedy Dev, Steve's Latest Hobby, Tram/Bus/Car Crashes, Bistro Burglaries, Personality Transplants, Get rich quick schemes, Kevin breaking up a fight, Unlikely cell mates, Mary's mother, Olives, Bankruptcy / windfall cycle, "Actually, I'm gay", Incriminating text messages and ruthless pants barons.

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Continuity error in The Kabin

(This post was originally posted on the Coronation Street Blog January 2018, reposted to this blog with permission.)

In last night's Coronation Street there was a scene set in The Kabin where Gemma was talking to Henry Newton.  In one shot the sign on the Kabin door said it was Open. And then in the next shot it said it was Closed.

As Coronation Street produces six episodes a week now, it's understandable that some things might go wrong, like this, as they're clearly working on a schedule that must be pretty non-stop. 

But to not care about the details? Unforgivable.

And when Eileen's front door decided to jam one minute and then open fine the next, combined with the Kabin error above, I wasn't sure if I was watching an episode of Corrie or Acorn Antiques.

Come on Corrie, you know you can do better than this.

Tvor @tvordlj on Twitter

Jean Alexander given final resting place

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog December 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Jean Alexander, who played Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street, passed away in October last year.

And now, her relatives have given Jean a final resting place in one of her favourite places, a world away from Weatherfield near Grasmere in the Lake District.

Jean's niece Sonia Hearld, 65, told the Mirror: “We spent many happy holidays there as kids. It has happy memories. The family know it, so it is a good place. Jean loved going up there.

While she was not a great top of the hills walker, she did love pottering around and seeing the scenery. It just seemed the most ­suitable thing to do. It seemed to be a nice place, a quiet place.”

Tvor @tvordlj on Twitter

Random Corrie Storyline Thoughts

Luke is dead at the hands of Pat Phelan because you know, once you've killed, it's not  quite so difficult to kill again. It was a bit of a gruesome death, though, burned alive in an exploding car. What I wondered was...what was Pat's plan previous to that where he got Seb's fingerprints on the gun? Was he going to set up Seb for the death of Andy and Vinny should the bodies surface? The big hole there is that Seb wouldn't have any motiviation. He didn't even know them. Did Phelan check to see where Seb actually was on the night they were killed? The bodies have been in the water awhile, I don't know if they could with any certainty know the exact day they were killed. And now that Pat used the gun himself, the prints will have been worn off by the gloves her was wearing.

Let's move over to Rana who was frantically trying to get hold of Luke all day. We know his battery died but the voice messages would still be saved on the phone company's system. Luke thought Rana was pregnant but she's now lied to Zeedan and brushed off Luke's remarks as having got the wrong end of the stick. She was terrified that Luke would tell Zeedan that he was told directly that Rana was pregnant. He can't tell anyone anything now but the voice mail messages might raise some interesting questions. 

Are the bodies about to resurface? Whose shoe popped up coincidentally when Phelan was at the pond? That was a bit contrived.

Rana's brother, Imran, is now in the show. We haven't seen much of him yet but so far I think I kind of like him. Charming but not too cheeky and annoying or arrogant. A good foil for Adam who thinks very much of himself. Is he an actual solicitor or is he a paralegal like Todd? He's newly single, as well. My guess is Maria. She is usually the first one a single man sleeps with before he settles down with someone else, isn't she? Wouldn't it be nice to see him take a shine to Izzy?

Jude and Angie are still around, I see, and not found a home of their own yet. When ITV opens up the set to new streets or parts thereof, I am guessing that's where their home will be. Poor Sean ends up losing both of his jobs though neither was due to Jude and Angie. But if you go blabbing about a patient's personal health in public like he did while talking to Eileen, it was right that someone report him. It's down to him that he chose to quit because Dr. Gaddas was only going to give him a warning. He also lost his lodgings so he does what a lot of people have been doing lately, turn up on the doorstep of Number 9. I guess all these guests are putting that loft conversion to good use. Poor kids still don't have a place to play but the lodgers have a place to crash. Or so it seems.

Peter sacking Sean seemed a bit abrupt but I don't think Peter was ever comfortable with Sean behind the bar. He knew that Sean was Team Liz and probably felt that Sean would rather be working for the McDonalds. Sometimes you gain staff with a business that you kind of have to keep but they'd be the first ones you'd replace if you had the opportunity. I wonder if Peter will take him back?

Daniel turned on the self sacrifice to push Sinead away. It's clear he still loves her but he ended up telling her he never loved her. The wedding is coming up soon. The thing is, I do think Sinead is better off with Chesney, they have much more in common. They do make for a deadly ordinary couple but Sinead and Daniel never did click for me, either.

I've never liked Michelle, but this week she surpassed my low expectations for her. How on earth would she believe that Steve missed paying her 10K in the divorce settlement? I reckon she probably knows down deep that he is making excuses and she has no guilt taking his hard earned money but she also had no guilt robbing the Bistro and defrauding the insurance company with rigged and untrue claims on how much was in the till. If she's wiling to do that, she certainly has crossed that line; it's only a matter of time.

It seems wrong seeing Tracy and Steve looking all loved up. It has to go wrong, it always does. I'm with Amy, the pair of them are toxic to each other. Most of the time they have known each other since Amy was conceived they've hated each other. There was only one brief moment that they were a real couple and that's only because she got pregnant with twins. Then she ruined it all by losing the babies and lied that Becky pushed her down the stairs. It feels like they've put them together because they don't know what else to do with them. Both Steve and Tracy are settling for each other rather than be alone.

Carla's back and I'm thrilled but since she needs a kidney transplant, likely from a family member, I have a bad feeling. Johnny could never be a donor because of his MS diagnosis but there are enough Connors to pick from. Someone's going to be a match and there's always a possibility that someone will die and be a donor that way. That person may or may not be a family member. In the meantime, the burning question on everyone's lips is ... who will they pair Carla with? Will they split up Peter and Toyah? Carla had more chemistry in one scene with Peter than Toyah has, that was evident. Toyah knew it, too. Should they put Peter and Carla back together? Probably not.

It's a pity we've lost Bruno Langley. That really put a ragged rip in the storyline fabric that is going to be difficult and awkward to set right. I hope Summer comes back and I hope Billy doesn't lose her to that awful Geraldine.

And finally, Brian and Cathy are moving into number 12, the flat he used to own with Julie. When Brian left the show, there was talk about Julie buying his half and she couldn't afford to. It seemed to be a dropped subject after that and we don't know  that the flat was sold or not. It's been empty for a couple of years. Now Brian has the key and he's moving into it. Has he had the key all along? there has been no word that he re-purchased it or contacted the new owner so I must assume he still owns it or a share of it. And if that's the case, why on earth was he blagging a place to stay with Norris and later, Roy? For the comedy value? Because I can tell you there wasn't any of that for me. Inquiring minds want to know why the continuity elves missed this one.

Tvor (Twitter @tvordlj)
Originally posted on State of the Street, reposted with permission.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Sinead - the square in Corrie's love triangle

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog December 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Guest blog post from Stephen Leach who is on Twitter: @sirterenceboot
Fancy writing a guest blog post for us? All details here!  

I must say I’m thoroughly unconvinced by the recent tug-of-war between Daniel and Chesney. Not because I can’t take either of them seriously as hard lads – on the contrary, they’ve both got a certain thuggish air about them – but mainly because I find it hard to believe anyone could get that worked up over Sinead.

What exactly has happened to Sinead? When she first arrived on the Street she was a breath of fresh air: quirky, endearing, a bit of a hippy. The sort of person who’d spend her spare time protesting the tampon tax and attending vegan food festivals. Now she’s just a drudge. All the positive energy seems to have been sucked right out of her and replaced with hot air and tedium. Is it a consequence of spending too much time with Chesney? Possibly, although it’s equally likely that the writers just can’t be bothered to think of anything more interesting to do with a young woman than get her up the duff.

I’m enjoying seeing Daniel start to become slightly unhinged again. Remember back when he was throttling Chesney and shoving Ken down the stairs? It’s as if everyone just quietly agreed to forget that any of it happened. Let’s hope that over Christmas he finally snaps and starts offing anyone who annoys him. Or possibly he’ll just stage a robbery at the Bistro. It’d be the first time anyone’s done that in about three weeks.

One good thing that’s come out of this storyline is Chesney’s odd friendship with Tracy. Though is friendship really the right word? To me it seems a bit more like the White Witch luring Edmund to her sleigh to feed him poisoned sweets. Chesney’s been nice-but-dim for too long, so god only knows he’d benefit from some tutoring in the dark arts. And it wouldn’t be the first time Tracy’s enjoyed some attention from a younger bloke – remember that weird liaison she had with David Platt? 

Personally, I’m hoping Chesney’s devious streak continues, though one would hope his plans stretch to something a bit more cunning than smashing himself in the face with a brick. 

Only time will tell.

While I’m on the subject, am I the only one who was hoping Fiz might have been correct in her assessment of Ruby as a devil child in the making? There’s a vacancy in Weatherfield right now for a wicked child: we’ve hardly seen Amy in months, and Simon’s violent tendencies seem to have fizzled out. Children on Corrie do often seem to take after their parents, and if we never see Natalie Gumede make a return to the street it’d be good to have Ruby take up her mantle as the resident psycho. I think it’d be interesting to see.

 And what better time to kick the story off, now that Fiz is departing for the bright lights of Wolverhampton. Or was it Australia? I’m always confusing the two. “I’ll be away for a few weeks, kids. Unless I get booted out in the first round.” 

No, I didn’t understand what she meant either.

Guest blog post from Stephen Leach who is on Twitter: @sirterenceboot

Tvor @tvordlj on Twitter

Corrie Canada sneak previews for Jan. 22 - 26

Without further ado here is a brief sneak preview of what you'll see on next week's Corrie in Canada.
Will Daniel succeed in preventing Chesney and Sinead from marrying? Eileen visits Anna while Seb goes missing to try to avoid Phelan. Gary reports Phelan to the police.  Bethany has a secret job and Craig is shocked when he finds out what it is. Simon is scamming and gets caught. Gemma dumps Henry. Eva's in the club. Bethany tries to keep Sarah and Gary apart. Eileen hears news of Todd. 

For these and more detail, see the Moosejaw Mercury on

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5 things I love about Coronation Street right now

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog January 2018, reposted to this blog with permission.)

As the year heads to a close, I'm feeling a bit confused about Coronation Street. I've written a little something to that effect here.

But it's too easy to sit here being a keyboard warrior writing all the things that I think is wrong with the show. All the things that I think are wrong with it are things you might think are right. And if we swapped lists, there'd be things on your list that I couldn't agree with, I'm sure.

What's important is that Corrie still ignites the passion within us fans. We care - a lot - when it's not going well and love it even more when it is.

Trying to brighten my day then before the year ends, here are the five things that I'm loving about Corrie right now.

1. Jenny flaming Bradley

Yes, I know she's Jenny Connor but she'll always be Jenny Bradley to me. Always fun to watch. Bring on the fireworks between her and Carla, please.

2. Gemma Winter

Gemma is a gem. She deserves to be behind the bar at the Rovers instead of drippy Toyah(*) and changed-personality Peter. (*I love Toyah, but she doesn't work with Peter and neither of them deserve to be at the Rovers).

3. Tracy and Steve

I am loving Tracy and Steve back together. It might not last, and it shouldn't, of course. Steve should be with Leanne. But until that happens (if it does), then I'm enjoying every second of these two pretending to play happy families. Tracy's behaviour now reminds me of Deirdre, who's still much missed of course.

4. Michelle Connor

Given the right storyline, Kym Marsh acts everyone else off the screen. The late miscarriage storyline this year had me in pieces and Kym's powerful performance was incredible.  But then.. what? They stuck her with Robo-Robert. Get rid of him, Corrie and give the Bistro to Michelle to run in competition with Liz back at the Rovers. Now that's a fight I'd like to see. And Liz to win, of course.

5. Liz, Sally, Rita, Gail, Audrey

Okay, I know that's five women but please Corrie, let's see more of them. Stop the focus, just briefly on Kate and Rana. Just because there's a noise on Twitter about them, doesn't mean every single one of your viewers is a #Kana fan. It also doesn't mean that every single one of your viewers is on Twitter. Please remember this and don't lose sight of what you are - a television programme - not a social media fad.

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