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Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Oct. 16 to 20

Best Friend award: Norris for understanding and supporting Rita. He had exactly the right words to say.

Rebound award: Eva snogs Adam.

Obnoxious award: Colin. What a creep! (there are many other less-family-friendly words I could have used. Choose your favourite)

Jimmy Olson award: Daniel, the intrepid reporter, takes on a lion in Pat Phelan.

The Big Red Wig award: Rita got wheeled off for brain surgery with not one hair shaved off her head, confirming what we all knew all along. It's a wig!

Second Hand Rose award: Gail gave Shona a Marks and Spencer (St. Michael brand) white blazer from her own closet, it seems.

Predictive dialogue: When an absent character is spoken about a few times, it's possible we will see their return. When we also see a photo of them and they seem to be inching into a plotline, Soap Law says it's almost inevitable. The imminent return of Vinny "Harvey" Ashford, then?

Afternoon Delight award: Daniel's (older) editor, Cindy, wasn't backward in coming forward, was she?

Pants on Fire award: Editor Cindy seems to be hiding the fact that she's married but Phelan saw her putting on her wedding ring. That little piece of information could be useful.

You Can Say That Again award: Ken admitted it's been "quite a year". Brian adds "Hashtag Understatement". They're both correct.

Phrase of Doom: Shona saying she's sure Dane won't bother them again.

Cake Fail: Simon's birthday cake for his grandfather. Roy likened it to one of Deirdre's pots!

Lines of the week
Bethany to Mel "You didn't do this to me, Nathan did"
Eva to Adam "Well don't think because I'm a bit teary I'm going to jump into bed with you because I'm not" (sure about that, are you? )
Shona about Nathan "Look at him. Mr. Nice Guy. This is going to be Oscar winning"
Rita "I don't want to end up like the Zambezi (club) Norris, a sad reminder of the woman I once was"
Todd to Colin "Is there sommat wrong with you?" (yes. yes there is.)
Phelan "I'm no killer" (everything else, though)
Roy to Fiz "I thought this was a question of morality, not superstition" (but I can see where she's coming from. Nobody wants to tempt fate.)
David "We're calling it what it is. Extortion" Dane "Are you doing him out of pity or guilt?"
David "Mum, we're off to the Peaks, we're not husky sledding to the North Pole" (you can never be too warm outdoors at night in October. Mark my words!)
Roy about Brian "His desire to be a martyr usurped his desire to be clean" (Ha!)

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Celebrating 17 years of Kirk on Coronation Street

With thanks to our pals at Corriepedia for alerting us to the fact that today, October 22nd is the 17th anniversary of the first appearance of Kirk in Coronation Street.

Kirk first appeared on Coronation Street on October 22, 2000 at Tyrone and Maria's engagement party. He turned up as Maria's brother as a guest at the party and here's the picture from his very first scene.

However, in that first appearance, Corriepedia tells us that the new character of Kirk was credited not as Kirk Sutherland, but as Kirk Stringer. Does anyone know why and why they changed his surname?

Andrew Whyment has played Kirk from the very start and remains an integral part of Coronation Street. But did you know that Andrew previously appeared in Corrie back in 1999? He played the part of Wayne, who bought fireworks in The Kabin from Sharon Gaskell.

Now then, Kirk himself doesn't get any big or explosive storylines, but he's been at the heart of some of Corrie's best loved drama over the years and continues to be so too.

Let's have a look at some of the Kirk classic stories!

He dated Fiz and she thought he was having a fling with Thelma Clegg, who hired him to shampoo her poodle. That's not a euphemism, by the way.

In 2005 he completed The Twelve Labours of Kirkules!  When Les Battersby chose Kirk to be his best man at his wedding to Cilla, Cilla wasn't pleased with the choice. And so she set Kirk a task to prove his worth as their best man - and the Twelve Labours of Kirkules commenced!  Among the tasks that Kirk had to carry out were Schmeichel's squeaky plastic toy and unburdening Blanche of her girdle.

In May 2007, Kirk lost his job at Sutherland's Kennels when he accidentally allowed a pedigree dog to be castrated.  He's always been a bit of a hapless chap.

But then he helped Jamie Baldwin rescue Claire Peacock from her burning house. As a reward, Claire's husband, Ashley gave Kirk a job at the butchers shop.

After Cilla Battersby-Brown left the Street for Las Vegas in 2007, Kirk was left to look after Chesney and the two of them have been close ever since.

In April 2008, Kirk left to visit his parents in Cyprus for a several weeks. On his return, he broke the news that he had a new girlfriend called Julie, who he fell in love with in Cyprus.

In 2012, Kirk offered to drive Beth Tinker to a date with a man named Dave. However, the date went wrong, and Kirk ended up getting punched when he called Dave an idiot. Beth and Kirk eventually became close, and were married in January 2015.

However, then Kirk found out that Beth was already wed to Craig's dad Darryl and she was a bigamist.  Did they remarry, can anyone recall?

These days, Kirk's standing for election as Mayor of Weatherfield and he's been appointed the mascot Busy Bee for Coronation Street's own football team - Weatherfield County.

And such is the character's importance to ITV Coronation Street that they even gave Kirk an online spin off called What Would Kirk Do?

You can even download and print off your own Kirk doll.  Yes, your very own KIRK DOLL.

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Todd and Billy to Marry - Yay or Nay?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Now that Todd and Billy have Summer, they're the first family that Coronation Street has ever had.

Obviously, as this is the world of soap, things won't always run smoothly, for where would be the drama in that? And soaps need drama, of course.

But what if, let's say, just for a little while, Todd and Billy could be really happy together? Let Summer bring some sunshine into their lives and maybe, just maybe, we might even see Coronation Street's first gay wedding.

I'd love that to happen for no other reason than to see what Eileen's fascinator might look like.

But what do you think? Should Todd and Billy get married - Yay or nay?

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Corrie writer Jonathan Harvey releases new novel

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog September 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Coronation Street writer Jonathan Harvey has released his sixth novel this week. It's called The Years She Stole.

Pregnant Rachel Taylor is enjoying a holiday in Morocco when she gets the phone call to say her mother hasn’t got much time left to live. With a head of mixed emotions she returns to the village where she grew up to say her last goodbyes. It’s true to say their relationship had often been strained and Rachel had never quite understood why. When clearing out her mother’s things she thinks she finds an answer, and her world is changed forever.

Shirley Burke is on a family holiday at Butlin’s when she first sets eyes on Doug, a man considerably older than herself. When his daughter goes missing one night, Shirley’s the one who finds her and returns her to him. When his gratitude turns into something else, Shirley realizes this is her time to shine. But Doug is married, and her young life is about to get very complicated.

Rachel and Shirley. Two women from different decades. Somehow their lives are entwined and neither can know the impact one woman will have on the other until it’s way too late . .

Find out more here.

Follow Jonathan on twitter here.

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Kate Oates, Queen of Returnees

(This post was originally posted by Michael Adams on the Coronation Street Blog in October 2017, reposted with permission.)

One of the many things that's admirable about Kate Oates' tenure as producer of Coronation Street is the sheer amount of old characters she has brought back to the cobbles. So far we've had Gina Seddon, Rosie Webster, Daniel Osbourne, Toyah Battersby, Adam Barlow, Brian Packham and Denise Osbourne return.

Not only that, but we've been treated to the name dropping of a multitude of well-loved characters. After all, you never forget people who mean a lot to you, as this recent scene with Rita proves:

In just two and a half minutes, lovely Rita recalls Alec Gilroy, Elsie Tanner, Mavis Wilton, Len Fairclough, Fred Elliott, Tina McIntyre, Alf Roberts and Ted Sullivan. I was gobsmacked! In the past, we've had Gail mention Tricia Hopkins which was lovely, especially given they were best friends for some time.

So this had me thinking as we look ahead to a brand new year on Coronation Street. Who would I like to return? Here's my top five picks.

5. Becky McDonald

I'd love to see what she made of Steve's recent affair and baby Oliver, and there'd be great scenes with David remembering Kylie. I really expected her to return for Kylie's funeral which was a huge huge shame.

4. Martin Platt

No matter how many times Gail has been married, she is always referred to by fans as Gail Platt. A reunion with Martin would be fantastic, someone she could settle down with eventually. A return seems very unlikely though, as the actor now makes cheese for a living.

3. Emily Bishop

Come back from Peru, Emily! You're a huge miss! Although she didn't have many storylines in the past few years, her presence on the street was wonderful given the amount of time Eileen Derbyshire had been on the show.

2. Janice Battersby

Someone to really rattle the cage in the Battersby family, giving her daughters Toyah and Leanne a good shake after being rather pathetic in recent months. She could also act as a mother to Eva.

1. Mavis Wilton

What Rita needs is her old pal Mavis by her side during the tough time she's having. Gemma suggested Rita go visit Mavis, but why doesn't Mavis make the trip back to Weatherfield? Now that is something I'd love to see.

Which five characters would you like to see return?

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Sunday Comments October 22

Tim knows what Anna is doing regarding Seb and his siblings and he's worried that Anna's going to get in over her head. Anna returns to apologize to Abi for interfering but Abi threatens to report Anna to the police if she comes round again. She sees Seb later at Number 13 where he's brought his washing. Anna tells him what happened with his mother and she tells him that Faye's mother was an addict. She thinks she can still help Seb and his family when his mother isn't around. Seb seems very relieved to have the support he's not getting from his mother.

His mother seems to have some sort of job but she's in and out. Anna nearly got caught. Anna left her wallet at his and when he came to Number 13, Faye found it, and of course doesn't know what's really going on so she thinks Seb stole it. Anna comes in and she and Seb use a cover story, that he found it in Dev's. Faye is bemused that Seb is so comfortable around her mother now.

Rita tells everyone that the appointment was fine, standard stuff about when to be at the hospital etc. She splashes out on champagne but Colin intrudes his obnoxious self. Rita doesn't mind, she wants a word. She wants all the paperwork drawn up asap. Colin proceeds to get drunk on Rita's champagne, as you might expect. Rita later comes out onto the cobbles on her own and surveys the street where she's lived a great deal of her life, and she looks scared. She then tells Gemma she wanted to spoil her friends for once but she's holding back the sobs. She and the Street have a few words. It's clear she doesn't think she's going to survive.

On the day of her operation, Rita goes missing. Gemma is so frantic she screams in the pub for anyone to let her know if they see her!! Finally, hours later, she shows up. She's made a decision. She's not having the operation. All her loved ones are shocked. Norris elects to be the one to talk to her. He's visibly shaken. She finally comes out of the bedroom. She admits she's afraid. Even with the operation, she could end up damaged and doesn't want to be a burden. He does understand. He challenges her fears. He promises he will be there for her no matter what. She went to the hospital for the operation and was very grateful to Norris for reminding her that she's tough as old boots.

It was a bit strange seeing her go off to brain surgery with all her hair, nothing shaved at all. I suppose they might shave a spot once she's in there but you would think they would do that ahead of time. Even though we've often seen her in the salon getting her hair done and it doesn't seem like a wig, it's bound to be one, right? The day after, her whole head is bandaged at least. Jenny and Gemma worry while waiting for Rita to wake up and she does. They took out the tumour but they don't know yet if it's cancerous or not.

It would all be very heartwarming if that twit Colin weren't making an ass of himself, trying to ingratiate himself in everyone's back pocket and scheme to make sure he gets what he wants. He's got to go. He talked Todd into going to see Rita with the contract on the flat, back dated.

Adam shows up to Eva's flat later with booze (rum and coke, that's a bit different at least than the usual wine or vodka) to comfort her. The drinks seem to perk her up and she's reluctant to see him leave. She coerces a heartfelt admission from him that he's in love with her. She takes the rebound road and ends up in a clinch. (or more!) The next day, Eva avoids him as much as possible. She can't avoid him forever though and in the pub, tells him she'd rather just stay friends. Ouch.

Now, for the rest of the trial. I know it's what you've all been waiting for.

Nathan is told that Bethany hasn't shown up and that little bit of worry leaves his face, he's now cockier than ever. But he's going to get a big surprise. Mel has driven Bethany to the court, or as near as, and hands back her phone. She finally faced the guilt and her part in the whole scheme. She still refused to be a witness. She is too much a guilty party. Bethany gave her access to her debit card and the money in it, not a large amount but in hopes that Mel could find a way to make a fresh start. Mel tosses her own identical necklace out the window and Bethany goes to face her tormentors. (I thought it was Audrey's car but it can't be. Must be hers or Nathan's, I guess)

Bethany faces Neil and Nathan in a fabulous showdown, face to face instead of by video link. She's nervous and wobbly but she tells the court everything even though Nathan stares at her or makes faces like he can't believe the things she's managed to come up with, trying to shake her. Neil looks a bit more nervous but the vibe we see is between Nathan and Bethany. It's really difficult for Sarah to hear, too. Her testimony is at times tearful and always heartfelt. The cross examination is tough and insidious. There's also a court artist drawing Bethany and I'm pretty sure that's not legal in this sort of case but never mind that. The defence really tears her testimony apart Bethany thinks she's blown it.

Craig also has to testify as does Shona and Mary. Craig is in uniform, lending an air of formality. The defense makes Craig out to be someone that wants to big himself up. Craig is nervous and flustered as he gives his testimony against Neil but he does get one over on the lawyer at the end by waving the Bible around and insisting he swore to tell the truth, accusing the lawyer of knowingly defending a guilty man. But he thinks he's blown it, too, because he wasn't allowed to tell them that Neil confessed due to it being illegally recorded. There is other evidence against them like computer and phone records.

Neil gives his evidence and makes himself seem like a flawed but good man, blaming Bethany as coming on to him. He's making himself out to be all upstanding and goes on the attack as his defense. It's all lies, yer honour!

Nathan's solicitor doesn't want him to testify in his own defense. She tells him his demeanor isn't humble enough. He's too cocky. No, he's determined to tell his story and defend himself. He's sure he can get off. Away we go.

It was indeed an award winning performance at first. He makes out he was in love and reached out to Bethany who had a rough home life at the time. He puts her burns down to self harming. He pretends he tried to get her away from her family and all the other men she was sleeping with, as a rescue, all out of love. Everyone watching think Nathan has the jury in the palm of his hands. But the evidence of the money, always follow the money, it's damning. He can't explain it and he can't think up a lie as to why the men owed him money.

It didn't take long for the jury to make a decision. We didn't get to see the closing arguments. Bethany goes to the courtroom to be there for the verdict, no matter what. GUILTY. Many times over Guilty. Nathan, Neil and the three men that were in the room with her as well!

In the aftermath, Bethany thinks everyone is looking at her and talking about her and she's probably right but it will be with sympathy and respect for her standing up to the evils. She worries about Mel, too, who has gone through and taken money out of Bethany's bank account with the card Bethany gave her. She needs a fresh start. I don't suppose we'll ever know if she finds it. Bethany still has a long way to go to get her life back. Gary has a solution, he's taking Sarah and Bethany to Milan for a holiday. Meanwhile, Craig is suffering. I think facing Neil wasn't as difficult as the thought of finding out how Bethany feels about him but she's off to Milan so he missed that chance.

Rana finds Imogen and Kate in the Bistro being friendly. Rana is decidedly *not* friendly, blanking them to speak to Zeedan, and he gets the sharp end of her tongue as well. Back in the medical centre, she's surprised to hear that Sean has a son (Dylan will be 10 soon!). She tells him she already had to stop Yasmeen nagging them about grandchildren though Sean could see Yasmeen's point of view. Rana looks thoughtful.

We later find out that Imogen doesn't like camping or traveling, which is disconcerting to Kate. Kate, in turn, is not really comfortable that Imogen wants her to meet the parents. Kate later admits to Zeedan that it feels too soon for that sort of thing. I don't know where Kate disappeared to all of a sudden but Rana comes marching in and drags Zee into the kitchen and tells him she wants them to have a baby.

Daniel has a chat with Yasmeen to get more detail about the scandal around the flat conversion. When Phelan comes to the cafe, Daniel sits with him. He wasn't about to say anything but Eileen joins them and he changes his tune and of course they're putting all the blame on Vinny. Eileen hopes that media attention might help root out Vinny. Daniel talks to his editor about it all. Keep digging, she advises.

Andy's still in the cellar, of course. Phelan brings more painkillers with the grocery order but Andy seems to be saving the painkillers on the sly. He's given up and Phelan has no intention of letting Andy find a hostage replacement. After Phelan leaves, Andy puts the hidden pill with all the others. Outside, Daniel rocks up for a few more questions after getting the address from Nicola. Phelan blanks him. He'll not get any answers from Phelan.

Daniel goes to Anna next. She warns Daniel off but tells him Todd was working for Phelan at the time so Todd is the next one contacted. Daniel is cool and collected and Todd plays the party line but he and Phelan worry that Daniel already has proof against them and they aren't best pleased that Daniel continues to dig for information. Phelan warns Daniel off but it's clear a verbal warning isn't going to do the trick.

It may be that Daniel's persistence is paying off. He's got a lead at a local nursing home where there's a Flora MacArdle, someone Phelan decides he needs to see, too. He can't hear them from out in the hallway and we don't get to hear what the conversation is, either. After Daniel goes, Phelan approaches her but she doesn't recognize him. All he can get from her is that the conversation with Daniel had something to do with Calcutta street but he sees a photo of Vinny in the room. It's her son, Harvey, who has lots of names for work. The plot thickens. Why isn't she questioning who Phelan is, when she doesn't know him?

There may be a connection with Vinny next week since it's his mother's birthday and Daniel promised to come to see her so they could both speak to him when he calls. Daniel's editor is pleased with his success so far. She's also a bit of a cougar, so it seems, wasting no time stroking Daniel's leg and making untoward suggestions. Phelan interrupted the afternoon delight with another less veiled warning. But the editor is upstairs and she heard it, too. Later we see her put a wedding ring back on and take a call from someone that must be the other half of that ring. Phelan made the connection between her perfume and the scene he smelled on Daniel and managed to get hold of her phone. She never did see Phelan from inside the flat but you'd think that distinctive voice might have connected. It didn't.

Andy's going a bit mad but he's still stockpiling painkillers. Phelan has donated a bottle of scotch which isn't going to go well with those painkillers. They both know this situation can't go on forever. What are the chances Daniel will find out what's going on before it's too late? Not good since Andy starts taking the pills with the booze. That booze has to be hitting him hard since he's not had a drink or been eating properly for the better part of a year. Anyway, Phelan found him with a note to Steph and passed out. But he wasn't dead or even in a bad way, he couldn't do it. Phelan has come round to Andy's suggestion of getting a new hostage.

A few days later, Andy confirms from Phelan that he's going to let him go and replace him with someone else, Andy being the new prison "guard". Phelan hasn't decided yet who it's going to be. Phelan comes to the Bistro and overhears Daniel asking for Friday off this week. When Michelle goes to sort out something, he grabs the rota and changes the X by Daniel's row for the Friday to a check mark.

Phelan is also aware of some sort of connection between Nicola and Gary but he doesn't know what. Gary isn't going to say and he's not scared of Phelan.

The factory girls come up with a couple of prototypes for the headscarves but there are no donations yet. Izzy does apologize for their harassing yesterday. Todd is consulted and tells them that the crowd funding page is not very attractive. Beth thinks they should use Hope's story on the page to grab peoples' emotions. Fiz and Tyrone are shocked at her suggestion. Beth has a point, though, a true story, a success story, that will appeal to people.

Looks like Beth went ahead and posted Hope's story anyway, unbeknownst to Fiz and Tyrone. Fiz catches Beth red handed with the laptop so Beth had to admit what she did. But before she could take it down, the donations start pouring in. Fiz feels guilty because the girls all need this money for the business.

Fiz is upset about Beth using Hope's story for the crowdfunding, feeling like it's tempting fate. Roy thinks that the ends justify the means but is surprised at her superstitions. Fiz mentions how most of the factory staff are struggling. Billy overhears as Roy donates to the fund. Turns out Todd told Billy his suspicions about Adam's involvement and Billy thinks Adam should give a hefty donation to make up for it. Billy comes to the law office and takes note of the envelope of cash on the desk. Adam ignores Billy's hints about the crowdfund scheme and leaves and what does honest Billy do? Grab the envelope of cash!

He then divides it up and puts it through the letterboxes of the former factory staff, watching to see nobody catches him. Adam tells Todd over the phone that the envelope is gone, he thought Shona must have taken it. Adam comes to the conclusion that Billy must have taken the money. Todd can't believe it. Adam demands he get that money back because if their reputation suffers, the police will be involved. In the pub later, as Todd joins him, Billy hears Fiz and Sean talk about the anonymous donations, 100 pounds each. Todd tells Billy who the money really belonged to.

Shona really has been accepted by the family, they're even celebrating their birthday and Gail has given Shona a white blazer out of her very own closet! You wouldn't think it would fit, as Gail is so little! Shona's quite pleased at the gesture. But that Dane is still lurking. He threatens her in the cafe but Todd overhears. Shona has caved in and is going to give him some of the money but wants to keep it in the legal office until she can hand it over so Todd reluctantly agrees. At the Bistro, Dane establishes himself at a table behind the Platts and then makes contact with David, implying he knew Kylie so Shona takes action and breaks the fire alarm. She also lied to David about Dane's identity when he saw them talking outside.

David and Shona are planning an late night out to the Peak District with the kids to go star gazing but Dane is insisting that Shona pay him the money he wants. She gets the cash from Adam and David walks in, having followed her. She admits the cash is for Clayton's father. David goes with her to meet Dane, but they've left the cash with Adam. They tell Dane he's not getting the extortion money and warn him to stay away. He makes threats to tell David's kids that Shona's son killed Kylie, and he winds David up so much that David launches himself at the man who's twice his size with a threat. No coward, is our David.

Shona wavers about giving Dane the money but David is adamant. Then she utters the Phrase of Doom "I'm sure Dane won't bother us again" It'll take him about 5 minutes to start bothering them again now she's said that. Sure enough, Dane's lurking around the corner of the Kabin while David and Shona start to load up that new car David's bought (we saw that Kevin was doing a bit of work on it a few days ago). The kids are in the car and belted up along with the dog. David gets in the car but Shona can't find the blankets Gail left out. David gets out of the car and Dane scoots across and gets in with the kids and locks David out.

Ken's birthday is today. He doesn't want a fuss, just a quiet night in with friends, Brian and Cathy included, with Roy and maybe Audrey. Amy and Asha comes barrelling down the stairs, knocking Brian's coffee all over him. Later, Brian is heard moaning that Roy's attempt at fixing the shower has not had good results. Brian decides to ask Ken if he can shower there. (ugh)

Ken has made Asha and Amy hand write an apology to Brian and they're highly resentful of the punishment which includes no screen time before bed. Roy brings a cake from the cafe and we see a sad looking concoction that's supposed to be a cake, with aqua blue icing and it's barely able to stay on the plate, it's so saggy. Simon apparently baked it for his granddad. Roy likens it as an homage to Deirdre's pottery which is a lovely little throwback and which makes Ken smile much more indulgently at the confection than previously. The girls overhear that Brian will be coming to Number 1 to take a shower and they glance at each other with evil little smiles. Uh oh.

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